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Langlitz, Brooke

Brooke Langlitz

Associate Director, Office of Research Ethics

As associate director of the Office of Research Ethics, Brooke Langlitz encourages innovation, cooperation, and effective research while being on the lookout for any risks or ethical quandaries. She chairs the Conflict of Interest and Commitment in Research committee, monitors research that has potential national security or foreign policy concerns through the Export Control program, and is responsible for overseeing the use of unmanned aircraft in research.

Research administration provided the interesting and rewarding work Brooke was looking for when she took a job working in the University of Iowa’s technology transfer office early in her career. She ultimately came to Iowa State where she worked in the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA) on industry contracts and the former Office for Responsible Research (ORR). Brooke began serving as director of the former Office for Research Integrity (ORI) in 2015. In 2020, ORR and ORI were merged to form the Office of Research Ethics, where Brooke serves as associate director.

What’s your favorite Iowa State research discovery?

“My favorite research discovery is an invisibility cloak of sorts. It’s a thin, flexible material that reduces radar signal reflection to make an object undetectable with radar.”

Brooke can help with: Implementing and managing conflict of interest and commitment plans, reviewing any questions regarding conflict of interest, government regulated research (export controls), and using unmanned aircraft for research or recreation on campus.

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