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Cindy Frame

Administrative Specialist

Cindy Frame has found her way back to Iowa State after taking a hiatus to raise her two children (now Iowa State students!) and working part-time in the Boone school district. Previously, Cindy worked in the department of chemical engineering before taking a break from her university career. In June 2019, she joined the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) as an administrative specialist.

Cindy primarily manages the schedules of the associate and assistant vice presidents for research (AVPs). In addition, she coordinates travel arrangements, manages keys and access cards for the department, plans events and handles pretty much anything else that comes up!

What is your favorite Iowa State discovery?

“The computer. Without it, the world that we all know would be so different. I can’t imagine not having a computer to do the work I’m responsible for every day.”

Cindy can help with: Scheduling meetings with the AVPs

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