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Jeanne Serb

Jeanne Serb

Director, Office of Biotechnology

Jeanne Serb’s focus as director of the Office of Biotechnology is to lead the advancement of biotech research, education and outreach. It’s a role with lots of moving parts. The office oversees 10 core facilities that offer a range of services, from genomic sequencing to high-resolution microscopy. In a typical year, the office serves about 780 on-campus and 280 off-campus researchers. In addition, Jeanne and her team work with Iowa State’s biotechnology faculty and administrators to ensure effective research, education and technology transfer of molecular biology-related products and processes.

Also an associate professor of ecology, evolution and organismal biology, Jeanne joined Iowa State in 2005. Her research focuses on the origin and evolution of traits in invertebrate systems. For example, she looks at how genetic and structural changes of light-sensitive proteins have changed how the eye functions over time.

What part of your job would you do even if you didn’t get paid for it?

“Assisting others to help them reach their goals and aspirations.”

Jeanne can help with:

Connecting faculty with biotechnology instrumentation and expertise to develop and achieve their research goals; developing interdisciplinary projects and collaborative research relationships through an interactive database.

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