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Jeremy Neppl

Jeremy Neppl

Budget Analyst

Jeremy draws on his extensive experience with accounting, finances, and business to help researchers and the Office of the Vice President for Research analyze current budgets and expenditures and strategize for the future. When researchers have questions about internal funding awards, Jeremy answers questions, gets the funding going in the right direction, and gets projects moving forward. He also works with colleges on research start-up packages and helps Office of the Vice President for Researchunits prepare and manage their budgets.

Jeremy worked in various financial positions in academic publishing houses, including Blackwell Publishing, John Wiley and Sons, and the Iowa State University Press, before looking for new challenges and joining the Office of the Vice President for Research in January 2017.

Jeremy earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of Northern Iowa, and he brings 19 years of experience to the budget analyst position.

What do you predict Iowa State researchers will be working on in the year 2050?

“Agriculture, food, and crop management will become increasingly important as the global population expands, and it seems to me that Iowa State researchers are well-positioned to be at the forefront of that research.”

Jeremy can help with: Any questions about internal funding awards and start-up packages.

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