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Shipley, Rob

Rob Shipley

Director, Laboratory Animal Resources

Rob Shipley, director of Iowa State’s Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR), is always looking forward to the next great discovery in animal science. Rob and his team at LAR are proud to help make those discoveries happen by providing care to animals used in research so the researchers can focus on their work.

The opportunity to work with excellent people — both LAR staff and Iowa State researchers — is one of the reasons Rob loves working at Iowa State. He started his current position as LAR director in 2015 and worked as the laboratory animal resource veterinarian prior to assuming the directorship. Prior to joining Iowa State, Rob worked as a veterinarian in industry.

Rob earned a B.S. in natural resources at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and a D.V.M. at Kansas State University.

What do you predict Iowa State researchers will be working on in the year 2050?

“Advancing food and fiber and developing medical, transportation, and energy technologies — using Iowa State’s longtime research strengths to take on the challenges of the next decades and beyond!”

Rob can help with: Overseeing the care and husbandry of research animals at Iowa State and helping develop a care plan for research studies involving animals.

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