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Sarah Kaatz

Sarah Kaatz

Director, Office for Responsible Research

With degrees in fisheries, aquaculture, and biology, Sarah Kaatz assumed she would work in the fisheries field for her entire career. However, after making the move to Iowa State’s Office for Responsible Research (ORR), she found that there were doors opening to her in research administration that completely changed her planned career path. These new opportunities led her to being named director of ORR in 2016.

Before becoming director of ORR, Sarah was post-approval monitor, meeting with faculty, staff, and students who were conducting research that had Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval to be sure they were complying with federal regulations and Iowa State policy. She served as ORR interim assistant director before accepting the position of director. In this role, she oversees and provides support to federal government-required committees that review the work done by researchers to weigh methodical risks and study benefits.

Sarah holds an M.S. in fisheries biology and aquaculture from Iowa State and a B.S. in biology from UW-Stevens Point.

What part of your job would you do even if you didn’t get paid for it?

“I enjoy teaching and helping people, so I would still want to help guide researchers through the research regulation landscape. It’s important that they understand and work within regulations while still being able to complete their valuable work.”

Sarah can help with:

Understanding and navigating Iowa State’s human, animal, and biohazard research review processes; answering questions about federal requirements and Iowa State policies; and determining which regulatory requirements apply to specific research projects researchers are working on.

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