Sep 24

Broader Impacts Identity

  • 2:10 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Communicating Scholarship to PublicProposal DevelopmentUnderstanding Research Sponsors

    This workshop explores the notion that just as a researcher has a “research identity” (i.e. the impact they have on their research community and the research legacy they wish to leave), so too should they have a Broader Impacts Identity that will represent the long-term impact and legacy their BI efforts will have on society as a whole. It focuses on the idea of intertwining research identity and BI identity, to chart out an overall Impact Identity, and takes participants through a series of interactive, hands-on, individual and small-group activities to create in impact inventory and use that to start forging an impact identity. This event will be held via Zoom, and links will be sent to participants prior to its start.