Subrecipient Monitoring


Collaborations with subrecipients are an essential part of research, but how do we properly manage subrecipients? Join OSPA and SPA as we examine the Uniform Guidance's expanded requirements for subrecipient monitoring on federal financial assistance awards. We will review roles and responsibilities within ISU along with important source documents like the Subrecipient Request Form and...

Does this project need IRB oversight?

Memorial Union Gold Room

In this session, participants will learn how to determine whether IRB oversight is required for your project. We'll also examine the various levels of IRB review (Exempt, Expedited, Full Committee).   Registration

PI Departure/Change and Revised GoldSheets


If there will be a PI leaving your department, this training is for you! OSPA, OIPTT, and SPA will present on tips and tricks to make your life as a research administrator as easy as possible during this chaotic time. Whether you're dealing with research awards from federal agencies, industry, non-profits, industries, or independent sponsors,...

IRB Special Topics: External Collaborator

Memorial Union Gold Room

This workshop will discuss the extra considerations and practices that occur when working with researchers from outside of ISU. Learn the best practices for submitting IRB protocols with multiple institutions involved and determine how to best ensure research starts without any concerns.   Registration

Informed Consent

Memorial Union Gold Room

In this session, participants will learn about the informed consent process, including participant recruitment and the informed consent document. Discussion will center around what's required of you as the researcher, and best practices for designing and administering consent.   Registration

Developing the DOE PIER Plans for Your Funding Proposals

206 Durham Center

Applying to a Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA) or DOE National Laboratory Announcements? Need to learn more about the Promoting Inclusive and Equitable Research (PIER) plan? We'll cover the newly updated requirements for PIER plans in these funding opportunities and discuss how to address them in your proposals. This...

Broader Impact Identity

Memorial Union Cardinal Room

Most researchers are comfortable thinking about and discussing their research identity — who they are as researchers and what contributions they hope to make to their discipline through their research over the course of their careers. It is far less common, however, for researchers to think about their impact identity — the lasting impacts they...

Working with Subrecipients


This session will discuss practical ways to work with subrecipients and collaborators during the proposal preparation and submission process, as well as dive deeper into budget templates and special circumstances for budgets. We’ll talk about effective communication strategies and tips to manage timelines to make the subrecipient process as smooth and successful as possible. Registration

Protecting Human Research Subjects


Participants will discuss risk in human subjects research and approaches for minimizing or mitigating risk. We'll also examine confidentiality and data security measures to protect research subjects. Registration

IRB Special Topic: Research with Children

Memorial Union Gold Room

Planning to do some research involving children? Are you aware of the special requirements and additional steps you'll need to follow? Join us for this discussion into the additional steps and requirements that you will need to be aware of while working with children as human research subjects. There are a few special requirements to...

IRB 101: Navigating the IRB Submission Process


In this session you will learn tips on developing and submitting protocols to the IRB. A member of IRB staff will walk through key sections of the IRB application and explain what the IRB looks for during the review process.   Registration