Creating a Proposal

Now that you’ve identified potential funding sources, it’s time to organize your ideas and create a plan. Use these resources to help construct a persuasive proposal. You can also contact the Grants Hub or your college’s sponsored funding (or pre-award) support unit for one-on-one assistance in understanding a request for proposals (RFP) and developing a proposal and budget that comply with sponsor requirements.

The Sponsored Funding Support Units for each college are:

Understanding a request for proposals (RFP)

Submit a service request with the Grants Hub or contact your college’s Sponsored Funding Support Unit to set up a consultation to identify the key components of an RFP.

Developing a proposal

Data management plans

Learn how to write a data management plan with the University Library’s Data Management Plan Guide.

Create, review, and share data management plans with the DMPTool:

Generating Broader Impacts

Check out Grants Hub’s resources on Broader Impacts plans and programs.

Finding facilities and partnerships

Registering for access to proposal submission portals

Consult the funding opportunity RFP for instructions on how the proposal must be submitted.

For the following agency portals, researchers initiate the registration process and the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA) completes the registration. Start the registration process at least 10 days before the proposal due date.

For the following agency portals, OSPA initiates the registration process. Complete a request form to begin registration with ample time to complete the proposal forms and upload project information into the system. OSPA generally responds to registration requests within one business day.

Some RFPs require PIs to use other portals or submit directly by mail or email.

For help understanding an RFP, contact or try the Grants Hub RFP consultation service.

Preparing a budget

Your resources for support in preparing a project budget are OSPA, Grants Hub and your college’s Sponsored Funding Support Unit (see specific contacts listed above).

General budget info & services

Building a budget

Budget policies

Who can help