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SCID PIG Biocontainment Facility

The Iowa State University’s Office of Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) is proud to offer a biocontainment solution to users of severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) swine for clinical research trials.

Utilizing a bioBUBBLETM containment environment and stringent biosecurity practices, LAR can perform clinical research trials in this high risk animal model. The unique characteristics of SCID technology in swine make this an ideal platform for organ grafting, cancer, immunotherapy, etc… the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

More specifics on why Iowa State’s LAR facility is the right place for your research:

Facilities: The bioBUBBLETM is a completely enclosed environment, air entering the enclosure is HEPATM filtered at rates of up to 60 air changes per hour, positive air pressure is maintained constantly to minimize the risk of airborne contamination. All water utilized in the enclosure flows through backflow preventative plumbing, is filtered, and treated with UV light.

Sanitation: Prior to each use, the bioBUBBLETM is meticulously cleaned and hand sanitized. When possible, research materials are preplaced prior to the enclosures final sanitization with vaporized hydrogen peroxide. Effectiveness of sanitizing is checked by ATPase technology and verification of appropriate H2O2 infiltration.

Biosecurity: All personnel entering the enclosure adhere to strict protocols regarding personal hygiene and observation of downtime requirements when working with other animals. PPE requirements for entry into the enclosure include gloves, masks, hairnets, and disposable coveralls. Footwear is dedicated and never leaves the enclosure during a research trial.

Husbandry: The bioBUBBLETM is served by animal caretakers with decades of experience in the care and feeding of research swine. All feed and milk replacer is irradiated to minimize contamination. Each individual is monitored for appetite and general health at least twice daily with all observations documented.

Veterinary Care: LAR has a team of trained laboratory animal veterinarians with decades of experience ready to provide diagnosis and treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The veterinary staff has provided care to SCID animals for many years and are familiar with the special needs and challenges faced when working with this model.

Administrative Support: Iowa State has a multi-departmental team of experts ready to help clinical researchers with the mandated approval processes necessary to perform animal research, including but not limited to, the development of the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy (AUP) for submission to the IACUC, IBC submissions, and compliance with EH&S requirements.

Clinical Support: LAR veterinarians and professional staff are willing and able to provide clinical support for SCID pig research. Experienced in sample collection, surgery, and clinical observations; researchers may rest assured that their protocols are being followed and clinical samples are handled correctly.

Billing and Contact Information

If you feel the SCID pig model could be of benefit to your research goals and would like more information, please contact us:

For LAR housing and research support (you will be directed to the appropriate person to answer your questions): or 515-294-8507

For technical information about the model, pricing, and availability, contact Christopher Tuggle at 515-294-4252

As of January 1, 2019; per diem rates for BioBubble housing of swine is 80$/head with a minimum of 200$/day (per diem charges cover housing, husbandry supplies, daily husbandry labor, and standard veterinary care). Study related labor is charged at hourly rates: caretaker – 35$, technician – 45$, veterinarian – 64$. Additional charges apply for study related and veterinary clinical supplies.

(Rates subject to change, call LAR for current pricing and detailed explanations)