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Innovation at Work: Growing the ‘Broadband Prairie’ for smart agriculture, connected rural communities

By Iowa State University Office of Strategic Relations and Communications

It’s a 40-minute road trip from Ames to Zearing, with a few right-angle turns to the north and east. This time of year, you’ll drive past fields that are black and damp, still stubbled with the remains of last year’s corn and soybean crops. You’ll also drive past rows of turbines spinning in the spring winds,…


Board of Regents Approves new Center for Wireless, Communities and Innovation at Iowa State University

By Iowa State University College of Engineering

The Board of Regents, State of Iowa has approved formation of the new Center for Wireless, Communities and Innovation (WiCI) at Iowa State University. The mission of the WiCI Center is to advance the frontier of wireless and applications as well as the platforms and practice of research, education, innovation and community empowerment. The driving force behind…


Iowa State designer turns sound into graphics in partnership with Maestro guitar pedals

By Chelsea Davis, Iowa State University News Service

Keith Richards’ opening guitar riff to “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” has sent throngs of Rolling Stones crowds into screaming fits since the song debuted nearly 60 years ago. The riff introduced something else: the Maestro fuzz-tone guitar pedal. Decades later, an Iowa State University designer has expanded his research – creating visuals out of…


Cyclone engineers take to the sky for advanced manufacturing research

By Nick Fetty, Iowa State University College of Engineering

A team of Iowa State University College of Engineering researchers recently experienced something that few ever will: a zero-gravity environment. The research team, led by Hantang Qin, assistant professor in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering (IMSE), and Shan Jiang, assistant professor in materials science and engineering (MSE), set out to test the novel 3D printing process they developed…


Iowa State Research Team Finding a link between emissions taxes and R&D investments

By Rachel Cramer, Iowa State University News Service

Addressing climate change is a massive and daunting challenge. But many economists say gradually increasing taxes on emissions would significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas spewed into the air at the lowest economic cost. “The question is, will manufacturing firms respond to the tax? That’s where our paper comes in, and it looks like…