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3 things that influence college graduates from rural areas to return to their communities

By The Conversation

When high-achieving students from rural areas go off to college and graduate, they often choose to live in suburban or urban areas instead rural communities like the ones where they grew up, decades of research have shown. Often they are following the advice of adults – or just deciding on their own – to search for success in cities, where career opportunities are…


How to reduce investing’s gender gap: try talking about ethics

By The Conversation

Women’s perception of unethical behavior among finance professionals may contribute to how underrepresented they are in the industry, according to a recently published article Iowa State University assistant professor of finance Tyler Jensen co-authored with colleagues at Zhejiang University and Creighton University. The research team administered surveys to nearly 3,000 college students in the U.S. and China,…


Rifts Between Older Mothers and Their Adult Children Usually Endure – Even Through Divorce, Illness and Death

By The Conversation

At the start of every new year, individuals often make resolutions to change aspects of their lives that they find undesirable. For some, these promises to themselves may involve trying to mend broken family relationships. Well-meaning friends and family members may encourage estranged older parents or adult children to reconnect with one another as well. Iowa…


Hurricane-force wind gusts in Colorado, dust storms in Kansas, tornadoes in Iowa in December – here’s what fueled a day of extreme storms

By The Conversation

Extremely powerful winds swept across a large part of the U.S. on Dec. 15, 2021, hitting several states with hurricane-force gusts. Record temperatures helped generate tornadoes in Iowa, winds spread grass fires and dust clouds in Kansas, and wind damage was reported from Colorado through the Midwest. The National Weather Service described it as a “historical weather day” with a “never-before-seen storm outlook.”…


US vaccine rollout was close to optimal at reducing deaths and infections, according to a model comparing 17.5 million alternative approaches

By The Conversation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s plan for who gets vaccines and in what order saved nearly as many lives and prevented nearly as many infections as a theoretically perfect rollout, according to a new mathematical model developed by Iowa State University researchers to assess the rollout of COVID–19 inoculations in the U.S. In…


Expanding opportunities for women and economic uncertainty are both factors in declining US fertility rates

By The Conversation

The decline in population growth in the U.S. from 2010 to 2020 is part of a broader national trend linked to falling birth rates, but also immigration changes and other factors. In May of 2021 the scope of that change became clear, with a record low of 55.8 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age in 2020, a 4% drop from 2019. Other countries are facing similar slowdowns in…