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Archive: May 2018


‘Metagenomics Mondays’ summer series kicks off in June

By The Office of the Vice President for Research

At Iowa State University and beyond, challenges and opportunities in microbiome research are being addressed using novel approaches from diverse applications. As a result, researchers who work in animal science, biosystems engineering, plant pathology, agronomy, veterinary medicine and similar fields may wish to attend the weekly “Metagenomics Mondays” summer seminar series, which runs through July 30…


Iowa State researcher’s study of land-use implications for cemeteries helps Iowa community plan for future

By Chelsea Davis, Iowa State University News Service

Carlton Basmajian, associate professor of community and regional planning at Iowa State University, brought his unique research on the land-use implications of cemeteries and burial to the classroom. This semester, his students researched and planned various options for the city of Perry, Iowa, which – like many communities across the United States – is facing space constraints…

Xiaoli Tan

Engineers studying nanodefects suspected of causing early failures of electrical materials

By Mike Krapfl, Iowa State University News Service

Breakdowns in electrical materials can lead to short circuits and blown fuses, robbing the power grid and even cell phones of reliability and efficiency. Iowa State University’s Xiaoli Tan, professor of materials science and engineering, is working to be the first to see and record how nanoscale defects in electrical insulators may evolve into material breakdowns….