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Archive: October 2018


Engineers develop ‘bury-and-forget’ sensors, data networks for better soil, water quality

By Mike Krapfl, Iowa State University News Service

Iowa State’s Jonathan Claussen, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is leading a team of engineers developing a system of low-cost, “bury-and-forget” soil sensors connected to a remote, wireless, data-collection network. Data collected by the system will help the engineers build better models of the interactions of fertilizer, soil and crops. Those models could help…


Iowa State University veterinarians trying to improve safety and efficiency in development of new drugs

By Fred Love, Iowa State University News Service

Iowa State University veterinary researchers are working with the Food and Drug Administration to advance an innovative in vitro model to study the oral absorption of therapeutic drugs without requiring testing on live animals. The work could lead to more efficient and safer development of new therapies for human and animal medicine.


Iowa State Agronomist Contributes to National Academies Climate Report

By College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Iowa State University professor of agronomy, was part of a team of scientists that developed a national research agenda for carbon dioxide removal and sequestration. The team, commissioned by the National Academies of Sciences, last week released a report titled, “Negative Emissions Technologies and Reliable Sequestration: A Research Agenda.” Al-Kaisi, who specializes in…


Iowa State is exploring ways for researchers to publicly share data

By Paula Van Brocklin, Office of the Vice President for Research

Iowa State University’s mission is clear and concise: Create, share and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place. This is not a new concept. The idea of sharing scholarly information and scientific results with others has been around for centuries. Today, research findings typically are shared via conference presentations and publications….


Iowa State University is part of a new collaborative center to demonstrate the societal impacts of research

By Office of the Vice President for Research

Iowa State University is a partner in the collaborative and innovative Center for Advancing the Societal Impacts of Research. Called the ARIS Center, this effort is housed at the University of Missouri and is funded by a $5.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The ARIS Center will work with scientists and engagement…