Iowa State University professor of psychology Zlatan Krizan.

Coronavirus: Social Distancing May be a Rare Chance to Get Our Sleep Patterns Closer to What Nature Intended

By The Conversation

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting daily routines around the world. Overwhelmed hospitals, desolate schools, ghostly towns and self-isolation echo a campy horror flick, but an all too real one. Companies are laying people off by the thousands, the service industry is teetering on the brink of collapse, and socialist ideas suddenly don’t sound so bad to an average citizen . According to a recent poll by the University of Southern California, around 40% of individuals feel anxiety about the pandemic, and more than half have been avoiding some or all other people. As a psychologist who aims to understand the role of sleep in what makes us tick, Iowa State University professor of psychology Zlatan Krizan focuses mostly on how the sleep-wake cycle impacts our day-to-day social lives. In the middle of a global health crisis, there is one thing everyone can do, especially those at home: sleep.