McGee-Wagner award will fund blood platelet disorders

By Paula Van Brocklin, Office of the Vice President for Research

An Iowa State University interdisciplinary research proposal to develop a rapid lab test that diagnoses blood platelet disorders and assesses the bleeding risk of patients has been awarded the 2017 McGee-Wagner Interdisciplinary Research Fund. Recipients are:

  • Long Que, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering
  • Dana LeVine, assistant professor, veterinary clinical sciences
  • Xuefeng Wang, assistant professor, physics and astronomy

The group will receive $30,000 over three years.

The research trio will combine integrin tension sensor, microfluidics (the precise control and manipulation of fluid in small spaces) and canine models to map the amount of force that platelets receive under fluid shear stress. They will measure and map the forces of single platelets using submicron resolution in microfluidic chips, which mimics the physiological environment of blood vessels. The force map will be used to assess the platelets and determine the bleeding risk of patients.

“This project is a testimony to one of Iowa State’s research goals — establishing interdisciplinary working relationships across campus for the betterment of society,” said James Reecy, associate vice president for research. “I have no doubt that the work of these Iowa State researchers will have a far-reaching, positive impact.”

The McGee-Wagner award fosters collaborative research among faculty members from the colleges of Engineering and Veterinary Medicine. Individuals from other colleges may participate in projects if their expertise is required.

Thomas McGee, Professor Emeritus in the department of materials science and engineering, established this award to honor research collaborations with his colleague Stanley Wagner, once an associate professor in the department of veterinary clinical sciences. Funds of up to $30,000 over three years are awarded.

Application deadline for the next McGee-Wagner award is Nov. 15, 2020.