For Researchers

Staffing FAQs

Do I need to have the person that was identified in the proposal work on the project, or can I hire someone else?

The Key Personnel identified in your proposal cannot be changed without sponsor approval.  Graduate students, scientific staff and administrative staff can be changed if necessary

What are the different classifications of employees at Iowa State?

ISU employee types include Faculty, P&S, Merit, Contract, Postdocs, Resident/Interns, Temporary/Emergency, and Students.  For additional information, please refer to the UHR website.

How long does it take to have someone hired at Iowa State?

Once a position description is created, the general timeline for hiring a new staff is four to eight weeks; the range will depend on the type of position.  For additional information, please refer to the UHR website.

May I charge 100% of my salary to a sponsored award (grant worktag)?

Since faculty and P&S staff have multiple responsibilities, it is not advisable to charge 100% of salary to a sponsored award (grant worktag). A best practice for full-time pay for a month or more is to charge no more than 90% to a sponsored award (grant worktag) while 10% is charged to a non-sponsored fund account – allowing time for service on committees, teaching, departmental meetings, and other university activities.